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                                                               Couple of the Year Program   

The History and Purpose                                                        

GWRRA's Couple of the Year Program provides an opportunity for local Chapters to recognize and honor a couple each year for their  dedication, accomplishments and participation within the Chapter. Secondly, it establishes a process for identifying outstanding Couples who can serve their Chapters, Districts, Regions and the ultimately International GWRRA organization. These Couples demonstrate what it means to be a committed, involved and supporting member of the GWRRA family.

An Honor or a Responsibility ?

Being selected a Couple of the Year is an honor bestowed on a deserving couple who has shown dedication dedication and commitment to their Chapter. At the Chapter level, a couple can simply continue doing the things that led them to being selected as a Couple of the Year, such as participating in Chapter events, rides and visiting other Chapters. Many Couples of the Year they want to take part in the Couple of the Selection, and look forward to the recognition and increased participation that the next level will bring. This is up to the Couple, if they want to proceed to the next level, such as District, Region and International.

Congratulations to the Couple of the Year! 

You have been selected to be ambassadors and spokespersons for GWRRA and your Chapter. This is a very special honor that your fellow members feel you are extra special. and should be honored for.

These are the Photos of our Couples of the Year

 Chapter IA-W Couple of the Year 2018

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