​​Come and meet our Officers who will like to meet you all and have Fun.

Chapter Directors of IA-W ---Roger & Vicki Harris                                                          Assistant Directors of IA-W--Gary & Nicki Kuenhast  


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Assistant Directors / MAPs --John & Barb Kilmer                                                                       Ride Cooridinators--Roger & Marilyn Vansickel


Treasurers--- Deb and Tim Lentsch                                                                                             Chapter MECs----Ed & Colleen Deal

pRider Ed is all about teaching and informing riders about the safe and knowledgeable ways to achieve greater confidence in the operation of their motorcycle. There are four levels in the program , which are the goals of the program , and help the members to ride more safely and demonstrat more confidence in their riding and achieve their goals. The rider program is open to all and is also voluntary.  Be Safe and ride with confidence, and have Fun. e your paragraph here.

Rider Education

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Our team , are our members, and they are always there for you when you need them. We are an extended family , that will welcome you and help you when in need. We love to ride to places for Fun and to find a place to eat, and that have ice cream. We are Goldwing Road Riders who like to ride, have Fun, and be with others. The people you will meet on Goldwings are some of the best people you can meet, and be with to have Fun, be Safe, and grow in Knowledge. So come and meet with us and we will  have a lot of Fun and do some riding.  .

Membership Enhancement

Chapter Membership is About:

Riding Motorcycles, Making Friends, Having Fun, Promoting Safe Riding, and Learning Riding Skills & Safety Techniques.  Known as Friends for Fun, Safety and Knowledge.

How do I join? Join GWRRA online or by mail and you belong to any Chapter you want, because you are a member of all Chapters of GWRRA world wide. You can be out any where and you are always welcomed at any Chapter and GWRRA event, where ever you may be.

You can be an Individual, Family or an Associate member in GWRRA and enjoy the wonderful benefits that are availiable to you, and the fantastic friends you will meet. Members can participate in all the functions of GWRRA, they wish to. We do have staffing positions that are available for those who wish to participate in the operations of GWRRA. All these positions are volunteer and there is a term limit.Please come and be with us and just have fu

Come and join us at GWRRA and have Fun with a lot of friends who love to ride and be with others.


Friends for Fun, Safety and Knowledge


To ride with Friends for Fun, to be Safe and to be very Knowledgeable in the way we ride.

To have a lot of Fun with all the members and participants of GWRRA.

To be safe in what we do.

To have the Knowledge that we need for the well being of all.

GWRRAIAW  Chapter IA-W of GoldWing Road Riders Asso.


807 7th Ave. N. Ft. Dodge IA 50501 us